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divendres, 21 de setembre de 2012


Cues d'afamats a Nova York.

 El text que segueix es una copia del comentari enviat al blog Left Side of the Road, administrat per un escriptor viatger, el senyor Michael Harrison, de Liverpool (UK). 

Yeah, Michael, Charity is the only answer to be expected from the System, by those who don't dare to fight. This has been so for many years. I remember how shocked I was the first time (1997) I was able to see myself the huge numbers of people, queuing around churches in the Lower East Side of Manhattan (NYC), at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, just to get some warm food...
I was wondering, if I myself became ashamed of seeing these images, what's the feeling of a US citizen, who still has a job and a place to stay, at least. What's the feeling of President Obama? I don't ask about the feelings of Republican candidate Romney, because he has very clearly explained them. The only thought Mitt Romney is able to have in front of the hungry crowds, wandering all over the USA, is that they are just parasites! And he is a millionaire! A real tycoon!
What a disgrace for the so called American way of life, for him, for them, for the churches, for the bishops, for the archbishops, for Obama, for us, for everybody...!

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Josep ha dit...

Hi estic d' acord: la veritable "caritat" (amor desinteressat envers elçs altres) ha d' anar a les arrels dels problemes, de la pobresa, de la injustícia, de l' exploració... i no només a refredar les conseqüencies més evidents. josep

Nosaltres ha dit...

Gràcies pel comentari, Josep. Hi estem d'acord. Una abraçada!