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dimecres, 19 de setembre de 2012


Columna al front

El text que segueix es la copia d'un comentari enviat al blog Left Side of the Road, administrat per un escriptor viatger, el senyor Michael Harrison.

Hey Michael, your deep and pertinent comments about 'La Rambla' in Barcelona and the shame you can see at 1 am, during the night wandering the streets, reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with a neighbour of mine in St. Adrià de Besòs (Barcelonès, Catalonia). He, Senyor Martínez, was an old man, close to his seventies and a veteran of the anarchist Durruti Column during the Spanish Civil War, in 1936-39.

He was complaining also about a certain shame in La Rambla, but in these terms:

You know, Francesc, what made me upset, when coming back from the Aragon front, after several weeks of fighting against the Fascists? This was the atmosphere in 'Les Rambles'. You could always see many people, taking walks happily and wearing firearms, but you could easily guess that some of them actually had never been to the front. There was not a clue of real commitment in their faces and manners... How could we count on this kind of people to win a war...? To permit such an unjust situation was an enormous error... And because of that and other serious errors we've lost... of course...!

Walking Les Rambles by night, right now, we see reasons to fear about the future and the prospects facing our young people. Certainly we can also remember some reasons to complain about in our past defeats... and to try and avoid the same errors happening...